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Basic Mobile Home Insurance 

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Basic mobile home insurance includes protection against all property damage caused by a short list of dangers or risks called perils as well as basic mobile home liability insurance which is almost identical to homeowners liability coverage except tailored expertly to the unique risks posed by a mobile home.

The perils portion of your plan determines what types of property damage will be eligible for reimbursement, and the mobile home liability insurance will protect you from being held responsible for bodily injuries or personal property damage inflicted upon others by accidents in your home, or because of your actions while in someone else's home.

If something causes your home damage and is on the list of perils, the property damage to your home can be said to be a covered event under your mobile home insurance policy. If the goofy neighbor girl breaks her wrist jumping on your couch, that is also a covered event under the mobile home liability insurance portion of your policy. Click on the get quotes button below to instantly get free quotes on an insurance policy for your mobile or manufactured home or click on read more to learn more about mobile and manufactured home insurance

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Mobile home insurance and manufactured home insurance are the same thing. 

Mobile home is a term that refers to manufactured homes built before 1976 that fit the classic description of a trailer park home (a dwelling that measures approx. 14' wide and up to 84' long on a metal frame with wheels for easy transportation). After '76 however, federal guidelines required that all manufactured homes be produced without wheels.

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 Mobile Home Insurance: Property Damage & Perils

Mobile home insurance exists to protect your mobile home, manufactured home, and attached or detached structures from property damage which is caused by any of a list of dangers, risks or perils.

The primary perils against which a basic mobile home insurance policy will protect you are as follows :

  • Explosion
  • Fire
  • Storms (wind, rain, snow, tornadoes, etc.)
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism

There are more protections available in a basic mobile home insurance policy but they may vary from carrier to carrier. For more robust mobile home insurance however, you would do better to visit our comprehensive mobile home insurance page.

The best way to get a low price on an affordable mobile home insurance policy that protects your home and detached structures from property damage is to get free quotes and information on our Foremost mobile home insurance options and the products of our other providers by clicking on any of the get quotes buttons or calling our office at 1-800-771-7758 during normal business hours.

Mobile Home Insurance: Liability

Mobile home liability insurance is essentially homeowners liability insurance.

When you own or rent a home or dwelling, you automatically become responsible for the goings-on therein including accidents that result in bodily injury or property damage to others. 

If you drop your friends backpack off the couch and their i-pad screen shatters on your tile: That loss is covered by mobile home liability insurance.

If your kids bring their friends home for dinner and you quickly prepare food for them all without realizing that one of them is allergic to to one of your ingredients: Medical bills and the ambulance ride for that child would be covered under a mobile home liability insurance policy.

the liability portion of your mobile home insurance policy also protects you from liability for your actions or those of your children while at the residence of someone else (whether they have liability insurance or not). So if your child tends to break things, or yours is the apartment that all the kids prefer, this coverage should be important to you. 

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